Durex: 'Celebrate The Sexy'

The problem:  The disabled community have and enjoy sex, yet are often not seen as sexual beings, in some cases even being excluded from sexual education at a young age, which further marginalises this community and excludes them from having a fulfilling sex life. Durex challenged us to create a campaign to bridge the perceived gap between disability and sexuality with a campaign that empowers disabled people, and challenges people’s preconceptions and stigmas.

Our Campaign: To help shift this perspective, Aaliyah Grant and I created an inclusive music video featuring individuals with differing abilities and pushed the campaign ‘CELEBRATE THE SEXY’, which focuses on making the connection between sex and disability. A song was written taking into consideration the feelings and misconceptions the disabled community face when discussing sex. A series of posters featuring real people with real conditions dismiss the idea that sex is only defined as penetration and a Tik Tok challenge encourages self-esteem. Together they re-write the narrative of what being and feeling sexy is and encourage inclusive conversations around sex.

Role: Idea Generation, Campaign Development, Creative Direction, Casting Director, Video Editor. 

Awarded a D&AD Newblood Graphite Pencil